Giant Checks

Giant Checks

Giant Checks for Donations, Events and Fundraisers. Full Color Custom Printed Giant Checks in two BIG sizes.


Giant Printed Donation Checks in 2 Huge Sizes

Giant Checks are great for charitable events and corporate meetings.

Promote Your Next Donation with a Giant Leap of Impact!

Make your next donation a** BIG statement with a Giant Donation Check!

Man holding a giant check

  • Supercharge your fundraising: Turn heads and grab attention with a larger-than-life symbol of your generosity.
  • Boost donor engagement: Create a memorable photo opportunity and encourage social media sharing.
  • Celebrate milestones: Mark a record-breaking donation, annual giving achievement, or special campaign goal in a unique and exciting way.
  • Perfect for: Corporate donors, individual philanthropists, non-profit organizations, charity events, fundraising campaigns, and more!

Benefits Of Giant Checks:

  • Customizable: Design your check with your logo, colors, and branding for maximum impact.
  • Easy to use: Lightweight and portable, our giant checks require no assembly and fold for convenient storage.
  • Reusable: Invest in a durable check that can be used for multiple events and campaigns.
  • Eco-friendly: Opt for recyclable or biodegradable materials to align with your sustainability values.

Call to action:

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  • Request a quote or call us at 310-586-2333 and let’s make your next donation truly unforgettable.
  • Visit our website to see examples and explore customization options.

Giant Checks For Charities and Corporate Functions

Giant checks can make for great photo opportunities and can be used as fun content for a business’s social media accounts. Having your company’s name and branding displayed in large lettering will make it viewable in photos. Giant checks are great for giant gestures like awarding prize money or donation to a nonprofit. Image Square Printing is sure to make the lettering clear and readable for photo opportunities.

Giant Check Large Format Printing
With Your Logo and Amount
Customize Your Giant Check or Leave to Us

Image Square Printing offers two sizes of giant checks to choose from. There is 18×48 (Giant Check printing is small) or 24×72 (Giant Check printing is large). You can also choose to have a white or black mounting board. You can upload any design you like for your own custom giant check or we can design it for you, for an added fee or you can use your PowerPoint Software to design your own donation check.

Additional information

Dimensions48 × 18 in