Custom Box Printing


No Minimum. Your custom box can be made in days, not weeks or months.

Get Corrugated Boxes Printed For All Practical Needs

Whether it’s a brand-new business or an established commercial enterprise, all businesses need packaging for products. we specialize in providing cardboard boxes, cardboard packages and corrugated boards for packaging.

Corrugated Boxes Ideal for Shipping

Corrugated boxes are best for shipping because they are specially designed with cushioning to protect the contents inside. The grooves between the cardboard sheets provide amazing support during transit. Packaging boxes produced by Image Square Printing are sturdy enough and never damage the contents; thus, the package reaches the destination undamaged.

Different Types of Corrugated Boxes

We have over 2000 of various box designs configuration in our library. We offer many different types of shipping cartons including white cardboard stock, brown kraft stock with the brown corrugated stock being the popular ones.

  • White cardboard stock: These boxes are designed to create a professional appearance for shipments.
  • Brown kraft stock: These boxes are used for easy storage and shipping.
  • Multi depth corrugated boxes: These boxes are used for a variety of purposes.

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