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Expert Printing of Digital Wall Coverings, World-Class Materials

  We work with DryTac™, one of the world’s foremost expert manufacturers of adhesive-backed vinyl printing substrate and digital wall coverings. The material options from finish to texture are created to complete your vision.

Textures include:
  • Smooth Matte
  • Woodgrain Matte
  • Linen Matte
  • Canvas Matte
  • Sand Matte

If you don’t see the kind of digital wall coverings that you want on this list, that is no problem. Our experts are ready to work with you and make sure that your ideas become reality.

For the Home

Attention Interior Designers and Architects, because of new printing technologies and materials being able to create one of a kind spaces for your clients has never been easier or more cost-effective. If your vision is for custom wall designs and in the past, you have used artists and expensive wallpaper then you have to look no further. We can take any image, shape, or design and print it on an advanced vinyl substrate that is easy to affix and lasts a lifetime. This process is effectively much less expensive than artists and wallpaper in many cases and the options are endless.

The digital wall covering option can give every room in the house a unique and special feel. By custom printing, wall coverings, dark rooms can be brightened, certain aspects of rooms can be highlighted, and children’s rooms can become a wonderland for them. With our custom digital wallcovering printing techniques, there is no design or image that cannot be printed to create the uniqueness you envision.

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We provide premium quality custom digital wall coverings to the Los Angeles area.

For Businesses, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Museums, and Health Care Facilities

If you are a Corporate Interior Designer of Architect and you have been struggling to find interior solutions to walls and signage, then custom Digital Wall Covering is the solution. Our advanced printing technology along with the use of vinyl substrates allow you to create unique cost-effective interiors. These interiors can be for messaging or creating a mood. We print on today’s most durable and easily affixable vinyl substrates. Making your choice of this part of your design cost-effective for your client and one that will last.

Custom Digital Wallcovering printing is perfect for creating looks and feeling without the expense of actually creating the setting. Restaurants and Museums use digitally printed wall covering to transport you to different times and places further enhancing your experience. Hospitals use our technology to direct people to certain departments along with inspiring messages to brighten the feeling of being in the hospital. Sporting venues use digital wall coverings as signage to help spectators find what they are looking for in the venue.

The uses are as endless as your imagination. The durability, ease of installing and low cost make custom digital wall covering a necessary part of you design process.

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Behind The Scenes of Our Digital Wall Coverings Installation.

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Everything looks FANTASTIC!!! You guys did an outstanding job…my colleagues have been calling all day just gushing about how great everything looks!

Deviation Game Santa Monica Design Team