usps logoEvery Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

The United States Postal Services cheapest way to deliver postcards to every home or business in a zip code.

EDDM Gets Into Every Home or Business

One of the best ways for advertising to work is to get into the home or business that you are trying to reach. Every door Direct Mail is the most cost-effective way to put a postcard into everyone’s home or business within a zip code that you specify.

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We Print, Bring to Post Office and They Deliver

We offer EDDM service to make it simple for our clients to take advantage of the cost-effective marketing tool for your business. Image Square Printing will help you design and print the postcards for you. Determine your optimal zip code selection and deliver the postcards directly to the Post Office for you. You can choose the option of how many postcards you want to be delivered within that zip code. Whether you are the local pizza shop, dry cleaner, or local realtor this service makes getting your message to your target audience easy and affordable.