Business Cards

Digital Business Cards

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Contact-less Business Cards

digital business card that will be the last business card you ever buy. No more running out of business cards, no more printing thousands of cards. ONLY ONE.

Share Your contact With Just A TAP

  • Instantly & effortlessly share your social media links, website links, contact information.
  • A business card that is activated when you get them. We do all the set-up for you. Your info changes? NO PROBLEM, just log in and make changes as often as you like.
  • Compatible with iPhones and Android Phones with NFC module. Just make sure the latest OS is installed.
  • The other person does not need an app, just a phone with NFC module, to receive the information you share. All newer phones do have NFC built-in.
  • A single card to carry in your wallet: never be without your business card.

Standard to Custom Business Cards Printed Face

Sizing 3.5” X 2”. You can order a generic card or with your logo or with your photo on them, printed with full colors.  Material type is plastic with built-in NFC chip, with rounded corners.