Custom Box Printing


No Minimum. Your custom box can be made in days, not weeks or months.

Make Your Own Printed And Customized Cosmetic Boxes!

You can’t find the perfect cosmetic box packaging that matches your sense of style that expresses your personality? At Image Square Printing, you can print your own customized boxes to match your needs. Print custom-made boxes with your favorite designs and patterns, or customize them with your monogram or initials for a personalized touch and pop it with shinny spot UV.

Types of Printed Cosmetic Packaging

Image Square Printing uses environmental friendly cardboard cosmetic boxes.These cardboard boxes, uses a paperboard exterior case with a corrugated structure to provide exceptional protection against shock, vibration and particle impacts.

Customized Boxes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes

We have over 2000 of various box designs configuration in our library, which means most likely we have a custom cosmetic packaging that reflects your style.  These custom cosmetics boxes are more than just a storage place for beauty products, it’s an opportunity to showcase your personal interests and style. With our selection of pre-designed and personalized boxes, you can find one that speaks to you. Choose from various cardboard thickness materials. You can also pick between different colors and sizes to find the perfect fit for you. After all you are the BOSS.

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