What is White Ink Printing?

White ink printing is also known as 2nd surface printing. Its meaning is just as it sounds, printing with white ink. Printing with white ink allows colors to become even more vibrant on the surface they are being printed on. The surfaces white ink can be printed on are more or less endless, including printing on mirrors, glass, vinyl, acylric, and canvas. This may seem like an obvious technological ability a printer can do but this option wasn’t always available.

Before white ink printing, there were gaps left in canvas and other surfaces where there was supposed to be white. Painters would come and fill the white blanks by hand. This entire process was time-consuming and it didn’t make for the best possible result. The other option for those looking for vibrant designs was foil stamping or silk screening, both of these methods are costly solutions to the problem. The creation of white ink printing has changed the way people fulfill all their printing needs.

White Ink Printing for Windows

Graphic image on glass done with white ink printing by Image Square Printing.White ink printing or 2nd surface printing is most effective with clear materials like windows. For some window decals, there is only one layer of printing. Using only one layer of ink will expose your graphic to the elements and fade the colors on your display over time. Fading colors will create a look that isn’t ideal for attracting new customers to your store’s location.

2nd surface printing typically gives a higher-end look to graphics. These graphics are required to be mounted behind glass windows, allowing them to withstand the elements for a longer period of time. If you are mounting your 2nd surface printed graphic behind the window of a store in the indoor mall, it will still be protected from general wear and tear longer than a single surface graphic.

Why Choose Image Square Printing?

Image Square Printing has been perfecting the art of white ink printing or 2nd surface printing for years. We always invest in state-of-the-art machinery and ink that will get your message to pop on any surface you choose. Our technique allows us to make your message eye-catching and unique. Your customers won’t be able to walk by your white ink printed sign without noticing the text or graphics that are displayed. 

A variety of surfaces are available to you for printing out whatever you need with our white ink printing services. You can choose to have a colorful background and white lettering to change up the scenery from regular dark text colors. You can also choose to go with the 2nd surface printing method, laying down a layer of white to make all the colors that will be printing over it even more vibrant than they would be before.

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