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Bus Shelter Poster Ad

Bus shelter displays are poster cases, poster marquees, or poster frames that hold 48 X 70 inch bus shelter size posters.

Bus Shelter Ad Printing

Backlit Paper Bus Shelter Printing

Bus Shelter Ad Printing, Quick Turnaround, Great Prices

Image Square Printing has connections with Los Angeles transit authority and Santa Monica blue line to place your advertisement. The high-quality printed bus shelter poster ad can be viewed anywhere from shopping center locations, roadside sites, and outside supermarkets. These advertisements will help catch the eye of the local community and deliver your message to a wide range of people.

Communicate Your Message with Bus Shelter Poster Ads

Your bus shelter ad can not only be displayed at many locations for people to see but it can also be a tool for many different messages. Printed on top quality bus shelter backlit paper. These ads are great for movie posters, trade shows, PSA’s, and more. Width: 48 inches – Height: 70 inches