Substrate Printing Experts

Printing today demands that your printer has the know-how and experience to be able to produce any job that you can imagine. Image Square Printing has been doing this for their customers for over 20 years. They have invested in and mastered the craft of Substrate Printing. Their high-tech printers can print on just about any flat media up to 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and up to 2 inches thick. The possibilities are almost endless.

Print Direct to the Substrate

Image Square advanced presses print directly to the smooth substrate eliminating the need to print and then affix to a flat surface. The use of fade and moisture resistant inks makes this direct-print procedure perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Substrates Materials We Stock

We can print on many rigid surfaces. Here are some samples of the substrate materials that we stock and can print on.

Aluminum and Die-Bond Substrate Printing

Aluminum and Dibond are the perfect medium to print on for indoor and outdoor signage. This is best for heavy duty applications. We carry Aluminum and dibond in stock so that you are getting a large selection at great prices. Dibond is also known as Alu-panel with a piece of plastic between two sheets of coated aluminum.

Acrylic Substrate Printing

Printing on acrylic offers great flexibility for your job. There are many colors and sizes to choose from and we carry them in-stock. There are also special techniques such as 2nd surface printing on acrylic that will give your finished product the look and feel that you imagined.

Coroplast Substrate Printing

This durable and affordable material is a favorite at Image Square to print on as its weather-resistant features and long- lasting ability are great for Real Estate or any outdoor signage.

Magnetic Sign Substrate


Image Square is cost effective no matter if you need one sign or for an entire fleet of cars and truck. They are 25PT thick in a matte finish and are great for real estate agents, contractors, landscapers, painters and trucking companies.

Sintra Substrate


When your vision calls for Sintra, we are your source. We inventory Sintra which is made from incredibly durable PVC in a matte finish. This substrate is durable yet lightweight and lasts for years.

Styrene Substrate Printing

Styrene is the type of substrate that can handle any outdoor signage need. It is lightweight, smooth, and flexible so that if the job calls for the sign to bend around a kiosk or pole; that is no problem. We carry styrene in stock so that if you need it fast, we can do it.

One-Of-A-Kind Substrate Printing

Substrate printing can also be done for one-of-a-kind jobs such as:

  • Printing on Shower Doors
  • Printing Directly on Doors
  • Printing on Windows or Glass
  • Printing on Plywood

You Dream It, We Can Do It.

Remember as long as the substrate is smooth, we can most likely print directly on to it. We are substrate printing experts. Give us a call so that we can help you with your substrate printing project. Over the years there has not been a job that we haven’t been able to do.