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Textured Fine Art Poster

Fine Art Textured Posters are perfect to replicate the look of the original art developed for watercolor painting

What Is Fine Texture Poster

Replication of a fine art on a textured fine art paper is called textured poster. Some textured fine art papers replicate the look of the textured papers developed for watercolor painting. Other textured fine art papers resemble the types of papers used from etched metal plates. A velvet textured fine art paper has a subtle, fine-grained texture.

What Is The Best Paper For Fine Art

For Art replication, we at Image Square Printing, use 300 GSM off white water color textured paper. We use latex ink to preserve your art colors. These papers are designed especially for high-quality reproductions of art and photography. Not usually used for bulk printing, our hand picked textured art paper with combination of using latex ink, is one of the best choices for short high-quality runs of artwork.

Is Fine Art Texture paper worth it

Normal photo paper meet the needs of some users when it comes to printing photos to be viewed on an occasional basis, whereas fine art paper will ensure that images are shown off in their best light and provides good performance when exhibiting prints.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 5 × 3 in

For the width, please use the smaller number of your required print size.