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36″ Free Standing Floor Signs

36″ Free Standing Floor Signs

Perfect for larger signs you want to display to catch the eyes of passers-by. This free-standing floor sign in combination with Image Square Printing’s full-color printing service for your graphic will be sure to catch attention. This 36 inches wide by 60 inches tall floor sign is printed on 1/2″ High-Density Foam Board. You can choose the same image on both sides or two different images on each side.

Hold Up to 1″ Rigid Materials

Floor Mount Sign Holder is able to hold up to 1″ rigid materials and can be tandem for wider applications. It is versatile and is to be used for table-top and floor standing signage.

Perfect for Larger Floor Signs

A 36-inch free-standing floor sign is a large sign that stands on its own without being attached to a wall or other structure. They are typically used in high-traffic areas to convey important messages or directions to pedestrians. They are available in a variety of materials, including:

  • High Density Foam board: This is a lightweight and affordable option that is best for indoor use.
  • Aluminum Die Bond: This is a more durable option that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Steel: This is the most durable option and is best for high-traffic areas or outdoor use.

The sleek design of this 36-inch free-standing floor sign is made of metal and is weighted to prevent the sign from tipping over. The sign itself can be printed with a variety of graphics and text, and can be either single-sided or double-sided.

Image of 36 inch free standing floor sign

Here are some common uses for 36-inch free-standing floor signs:

  • Wayfinding: To direct people to different areas of a building or campus.
  • Branding: To promote a business or organization.
  • Safety: To warn people of hazards or to provide safety instructions.
  • Advertising: To promote products or services.
  • Events: To provide information about an event or to promote sponsors.

The base is black powder-coated steel construction. The size of this floor sign is 36″(L) x 6.25″(W) x 3.5″(H). Includes 36″ x 60″ full-color graphics, a set of holders (for front and back), and bolt & wing nuts: 2 sets. Bolts are 1/4″ diameter. Weight: 17 lbs 3 oz (1set).

This item does qualify for UPS shipping with tracking information via email or can be request for in-store will cal.

We also offer different sizes of this free standing floor sign that might be an interest to you. Please feel free to explore you options or you can call us at 310-586-2333 to discuss your specific application.

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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions40 × 62 × 5 in