Stickers and Magnets

Magnetic Flexible Sign Printing

Magnetic Signs Turn Vehicles Into Billboards

Our durable, fade resistant, and weather-tested magnets adhere to any metal surface turning your vehicle into a moving billboard for your business.

Magnetic Signs For All Metal Surfaces

Image Square is cost effective no matter if you need one sign or for an entire fleet of cars and truck. Our attention to detail, in-stock material, and quick turn around time guarantee you that you will get your signs quickly and at the right price. They are 25PT thick in a matte finish and are great for real estate agents, contractors, landscapers, painters and trucking companies.

A magnetic sign is a flexible sign made with a magnetic backing that allows it to adhere to any ferrous metal surface without the need for adhesives or nails. They are most commonly used on vehicles, but can also be used on refrigerators, whiteboards, or other magnetic surfaces.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of magnetic signs:

  • Removable and reusable: They can be easily removed and reapplied without damaging the surface or leaving any residue. This makes them ideal for temporary applications, such as advertising on vehicles or promoting events.
  • Durable and weatherproof: They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatile: They can be printed with a wide variety of designs and colors, making them perfect for a variety of applications.
  • Cost-effective: They are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise or promote a business or event.

Here are some of the most common uses for magnetic signs:

  • Vehicle advertising: Businesses can use magnetic signs to advertise their products or services on their vehicles. This is a great way to reach a wide audience on the go.
  • Political campaigns: Candidates can use magnetic signs to promote their campaigns on their vehicles and supporters’ vehicles.
  • Events: Organizers can use magnetic signs to promote their events on vehicles or other metal surfaces.
  • Personalization: People can use magnetic signs to personalize their vehicles, refrigerators, or other metal surfaces.

Your Vehicles Become Advertising!

One of the best ways to let people know your business is to get in front of them. Magnetic signs for vehicles and metal surfaces is a sure- fire way to accomplish that. Image Square Printing can print effective durable magnetic signs that you can safely affix to any metal surface in rain or shine to we get you seen and make your phones ring. These signs make a great first impression and one that will last, and they will not damage the surface that they are affixed to.

How Long Do Magnetic Signs Last?

We use UV ink to print these magnetic sign substrates. They last typically for three years whit out lamination. Applying lamination coating will add another two years to the life of these magnetic signs. If used indoor then you most likely can expect them for a long time. Chances are you will replace them before they get faded.