Custom Promotional Puzzles

Our puzzles are bright, vibrant, colorful puzzles in made from your own design. Pieces are fully interlocking for a satisfyingly crisp snap as you assemble the puzzle.


Puzzles in almost Any Size, Quickly and Cost-Effective

Either you want to have fun or challenge your mind, then our custom made puzzle is THE product for you. Custom puzzles are the perfect way to turn your favorite memories into a lasting one. Our custom puzzles make great gifts for everyone on your list, from grandparents and parents to kids and friends. Our favorite custom puzzle is our map, they are fun, educational and big enough to frame it and place it on your wall.

Benefits of Custom Puzzles:

  • Unique and sentimental: They make thoughtful and personalized gifts for occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or simply to show someone you care.
  • Engaging and fun: Custom puzzles provide a challenging and interactive activity for individuals, families, or friends to enjoy together.
  • Preserves memories: Photo puzzles offer a physical way to keep cherished memories alive and revisit them through the puzzle-solving process.
  • Educational: Especially for children, custom puzzles featuring animals, maps, or educational themes can be a fun way to learn.

Puzzle Printing Fast and Local

A custom puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle that features an image or design chosen by the customer, rather than a pre-selected, mass-produced image. These personalized puzzles can be created using various methods, depending on the provider and your desired level of customization:

Jigsaw Puzzle Piecess

Types of Customization:

  • Photo puzzles: These are perhaps the most common type of custom puzzle, allowing you to upload a personal photo like a family portrait, vacation picture, or pet image.
  • Text puzzles: You can personalize the puzzle with names, messages, quotes, or any other text you wish.
  • Design puzzles: Choose from existing artwork libraries or upload your own designs and illustrations.
  • Shape puzzles: Some providers offer custom-shaped puzzles beyond the traditional square or rectangular form.

Things to Consider:

  • Puzzle size and difficulty: Different sizes and piece counts cater to various ages and skill levels.
  • Image quality: For optimal printing results, the chosen image should be high-resolution and clear.
  • Manufacturing quality: Look for puzzles made with sturdy materials and high-quality printing for a durable and enjoyable experience.
  • Price: Prices vary depending on the size, customization options, and provider.
cut puzzle pieces
Puzzle Background

If you’re interested in creating a custom puzzle, give us a call or use our price calculator above to our offering for various options to suit your needs and budget. Now you have a better understanding of what custom puzzles offer and the possibilities they hold or order you custom puzzles now!

Our puzzles are bright, vibrant, colorful puzzles in made from your own design. Pieces are fully interlocking for a satisfyingly crisp snap as you assemble the puzzle.

Puzzles With a Wide and Slick Choice of Paper to Choose From

Adjust the size of your puzzle and the quantity of your order above. Puzzles will have full-color printing on one side, printed on your choice of foam core, thick enough card and even PVC Sintra or Styrene.

In store pick up or have us ship them to you and will email you your tracking number so that you can track your order..

For the width, please use the smaller number of your required print size.