Retractable banner Stand

36″ Wide Base Banner Stand

36″ Wide Banner Stand Holds Up to 79″ Printed Banner

36″ wide banner stand holds up to 79″ tall banner. Great for tradeshows, company events, hotels, and farmers markets. Lightweight, durable, and portable. Comes with its own carrying case.

36″ Wide Banner Stand, Lightweight and Portable

Retractable banner stands are a great way to display your message and get people curious about your business. Image Square Printing will use their state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all the colors in your custom design translate beautifully onto your banner. Retractable banner stands are cost-effective and great for events like trade shows, musical events, company events, cafes, and more.

36″ Wide Banner Stand is Durable and Completes Your Presentation

Width: 36″ Height: 79″ Image Square Printing’s retraceable banners are freestanding and easy to set up. Banner will be printed with full color and on block out poly film. Order up to five banner stands at a time. Good for indoor or outdoor use. Comes with a padded carrying case for easy storage.