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Jumbo Kit Tradeshow Material

Every Thing You need For Your Trade Show Booth

Convention/Trade Show Booths and Displays

We at Image Square offer Convention/Trade Show booths and displays that fit your budget and make a splash.

Convention/Trade Show Booths and Displays All in One Place

Image Square Printing is the one-stop-shop for all your convention/ trade show necessities. Our jumbo convention kit has everything you need for your booth. You will not need to be stressed out by finding all your needed items at multiple places. Printing is included with the purchase of your kit. Make an impact at your next event with a professional booth that’ll grab everyone’s attention and make people interested in what you want to tell them. We have also put together a quick tip on How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out to get you ready for your upcoming tradeshow or convention.

The Perfect Kit for Your Booth and Budget

Jumbo kit includes 3 retractable banners, 1 table throw, 1 table display (3 panels), and 1000 single-sided flyers to pass out to trade show attendees. All the tools given in this kit will have our industry-leading printing services included. Table Throw: 132 inches by 60 inches. Fits 6 Ft table with open back. Three Retractable banners: 31.5″ x 79″ printed area. One Table size “3 Panel” Display: 23.5″x35.63″ (per panel)

We also offer two other options that are essential to have a successful tradeshow and they are designed to serve smaller booths:

Deluxe tradeshow kit from Image Square Printing

Every thing you need to start your tradeshow is included in this starter kit

How to have a successful Tradeshow

Simple booth

We can help you to promote your products at any convention and or tradeshow. Our products are all custom made, but we need your inputs on your goals and what you are trying to achieve at your up coming tradeshow. We have many years of experience on helping clients like you to make sure that your will achieve your goals. Large format printing is only a small portion of your task so we have put the following few items to get you started:

  • Start planning well in advance. Even if your convention is over a year from now, it’s never too early to plan ahead!
  • Use event management software to stay organized.
  • Create backup plans to account for any obstacles.
  • Take a multichannel marketing approach.
  • Last but the most important, is to follow with your visitors whom stopped by at your booth..
  • Refer to this Convention Planning Best Practices link to learn more.

After your successful tradeshow, you must post contact your visitors for any feedbacks. In this kit, you will find enough business cards to pass them out so they also know how to get a hold of you.