Floor and Wall Decals

Wall Decals and Coverings

All-purpose wall graphics. Cut to shape. Contact us for large-volume bulk order discounts.

Wall Decals For Indoor and Outdoor Display

Wall decals in just about any size, that are weatherproof, removable adhesive, and eye-catching.

Premium Decals for Business, Home, and Events

If you’re looking for a universal way to advertise yourself, your message, or your business, wall decals are what you need. Wall Decals are ideal for sporting events, sidewalks, parking lots, and more. Wall decals can even be used to print custom art for decorating your business and creating an interesting atmosphere for customer visits. Wall decals have always been a great way to turn heads. With the help of Image Square Printings experience and state of the art machinery, the graphics are sure to pop.

If you are a corporate interior designer or an architect, and you have been struggling to find interior solutions to walls and signage, then custom Digital Wall Covering is the solution. Our advanced printing technology along with the use of vinyl substrates allows you to create unique cost-effective interiors. These interiors can be used for messaging or creating a mood. We print on today’s most durable and easily affixable vinyl substrates. Make your choice of this part of your design cost-effective for your client and one that will last.

Custom Digital Wall Covering printing is perfect for creating looks and feelings without the expense of actually creating the setting. Restaurants and Museums use digitally printed wall covering to transport you to different times and places further enhancing your experience. Hospitals use our technology to direct people to certain departments along with inspiring messages to brighten the feeling of being in the hospital. Sporting venues use digital wall coverings as signage to help spectators find what they are looking for in the venue.

Wall Decals for Indoor and Outdoor, Laminated and Weatherproof

Input any quantity you like for your order, along with the desired size of your custom wall decal. This product can be used both indoor and outdoor. Wall Decals are supported with removable wall adhesive and over-lamination. Choose the shape you want your decal to be: square/rectangle, circle, oval, or a custom shape.

Custom Wall Covering

We work with DryTac™, one of the world’s foremost expert manufacturers of adhesive-backed vinyl printing substrates and digital wall coverings. The material options from finish to texture are created to complete your vision.

Textures include:
  • Smooth Matte
  • Woodgrain Matte
  • Linen Matte
  • Canvas Matte
  • Sand Matte

Business Digital Wall Coverings Slider 2 Dinning Room Digital Wall Coverings Slider Hotel Bedroom Retail Store Digital Wall Coverings Business Digital Wall CoveringsOffice Reception Digital Wall Coverings Digital Wall Coverings For the Home

If you don’t see the kind of digital wall coverings materials that you want on the list above, that is no problem. Call one of our experts whom are ready to work with you and make sure that your ideas become reality.

Wall Covering

Wall coverings, also known as wallpaper printing, are our expertise. We know this category very well. We have printed some of the most elaborate designs for the major top 50 companies in the world. We print them and we also install them, no matter where you are located. So, if you have a custom wallpaper or wall covering project, we ask you to give us a call. We can be very informative to you so that you can make the right decision. That is our promise to you.

What are wall decals, and what makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Our wall decals are versatile adhesive prints that come in various sizes, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor displays. They are weatherproof, ensuring durability and eye-catching appeal in any setting.

How versatile are the applications of wall decals?

Wall decals are ideal for a wide range of purposes, from business advertising and event promotion to custom art for decorating spaces. They can be effectively used in sporting events, sidewalks, parking lots, and even interior design projects.

Can I customize the size and shape of my wall decal order?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to input any quantity, choose the desired size, and even select a shape—square/rectangle, circle, oval, or a custom shape—tailoring your wall decal to your specific needs.

How do wall decals adhere to surfaces, and are they easily removable?

Our wall decals feature a removable adhesive, making application and removal hassle-free. This allows you to update your displays without damaging surfaces, making them a perfect choice for temporary or long-term use.

Can I use wall decals for business advertising and interior decoration?

Absolutely! Wall decals are versatile and perfect for business advertising, creating a unique atmosphere in your space, whether it's a storefront, office, or event. With our advanced printing technology, your graphics are guaranteed to stand out.

How can I discuss and initiate a custom wallpaper or wall covering project with your team?

For personalized assistance and information, we encourage you to give us a call. Our experts are dedicated to providing insightful guidance, helping you make informed decisions about your custom wallpaper or wall covering project.