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All Purpose Floor Graphics for Trade Shows and Conventions. Contact us for large-volume bulk order discounts.

Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Graphics, Direct Customers to You

Tradeshow floor graphics are great for indoor and outdoor display. Printed on long-lasting anti-slip material, can be applied over any surface with high foot traffic. 5 shapes to choose from.

Tradeshow Walk Floor Decals, for Indoor and Outdoor

Image Square Printing’s Tradeshow Walk floor decal will help your advertisement stand out in the crowd. Perfect for convention centers and other high foot traffic areas. Our floor decals are slip-resistant to ensure the safety of others and the longevity of your product. Our professional printing services and industry-standard machinery allow us to handle bulk orders while delivering great quality products.

Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Decals in 5 sizes

Adjust the size of your decal and quantity of your product while ordering. Upload your own custom design you’d like printed. Works great on carpet, tile, wood, metal, and painted surfaces. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Supported with removable floor adhesive + anti-slip lamination or Asphalt Art. Asphalt Art® is an anti-slip media that conforms to uneven outdoor surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and paving bricks, providing a painted on effect. It is great for outdoor advertising, point-of-purchase, events, wayfinding, street art and retail or restaurant pick-up areas. Available shape options are square/rectangle, circle, oval, or custom.

We also do have many other materials suited for other events such as Sporting events that we will use different surface material with an applicable adhesive backs. Give us a call at 310-586-2333 to discuss your specific event so that we can select the right material for you.

What are Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Graphics?

Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Graphics by Image Square Printing are premium vinyl floor decals designed for both indoor and outdoor display. These graphics, available in 5 shapes, are printed on durable anti-slip material suitable for any high foot traffic surface.

Why choose Tradeshow Walk Floor Decals?

Our Tradeshow Walk Floor Decals are crafted to make your advertisement stand out in crowded areas like convention centers. With slip-resistant features ensuring safety and longevity, these decals are ideal for high foot traffic locations.

Can I customize the size and design of my Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Decals?

Absolutely! Choose from 5 different sizes and upload your custom design during the ordering process. This flexibility allows you to tailor the decals to your specific needs.

Are Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Decals suitable for bulk orders?

Yes, Image Square Printing can handle bulk orders seamlessly with our professional printing services and industry-standard machinery, ensuring consistent quality across all products.

Can I apply Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Decals on any surface with high foot traffic?

Absolutely! These decals are designed to be applied over any surface with high foot traffic, making them perfect for conventions, trade shows, and other busy venues.

Are Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Decals easy to remove?

Yes, our floor decals are supported with removable floor adhesive, making them easy to remove without leaving any residue on the surface.

How long does it take to process and deliver a bulk order of Tradeshow Walk Printed Floor Decals?

Processing times may vary, but our efficient system ensures timely production and delivery. Our turnaround time is typically 3-5 days.