Retractable banner Stand

Mile Stone Base (Double Sided)

Retractable Banner Stands- Mile Stone Base (Double-Sided)

Our freestanding retractable banner stands provide you with a quick and lightweight solution for your banner displays and exhibit needs. Extremely portable, these banner stands look great alone or as an addition to any combination of banner exhibits or full-size trade show booths.

Elegant and cost-effective, Double Sided Mile Stone Retractable Banner Stands are signature displays with tremendous space efficiency. Ideal for high traffic spaces like gymnasiums, corporate offices, convention centers, stadiums, trade show displays, and other indoor displays–your banner stand is full color and captivatingly eye-catching with print messaging to match your vision.

Whether at our Santa Monica copy shop or our Las Vegas store, our ability to fulfill single or bulk orders and print your custom designs with excellence is second-to-none.

Choose your turnaround time, retractable banner size(s), and quantity and before you blink–your milestone retractable banner stand(s) arrives.

Included in every order price is your printing, shipping, and a padded carrying bag If you’re looking for additional advertising displays to fill out your trade show booth, tabletop banners, step and repeat banners, 3d pop-up banners, and/or trade show banners are great additions for maximum impact.


Width: 32″
Height: 79″

Includes great features:
•   Two Sided & Full Color
•   Freestanding & Space Efficient
•   Elegant Portable Banner Stand
•   Lightweight
•   Classic Roll Up Design
•   Padded Carrying Bag for easy storage
•   Looks great alone or in tandem with any portable displays