Banners with Retractable Stand

48″ Wide Base Roll Up Banner Stand

48″ wide base banner stand is lightweight, durable and can display up to 92″ tall banner.

48″ Wide Base Banner Stand lightweight and Durable

48″ wide base banner stand is lightweight, durable and can display up to 92″ tall banner.

A 48-inch retractable banner is a type of portable display stand typically used for advertising, promotions, and presentations. It features a retractable graphic measuring 48 inches wide that rolls up for storage and pulls up for display within a collapsible base.

These banners are known for their convenience and portability, making them ideal for various applications like:

  • Trade shows and conferences: Attract attention and showcase your brand at events.
  • Retail displays: Highlight products, promotions, and branding within your store.
  • Presentations: Enhance your visuals and support your message during talks.
  • Events: Effectively communicate your message at grand openings, product launches, and more.
  • Signage: Create temporary or permanent signage for businesses, schools, and organizations.

Specifics of a 48-inch retractable banner:

  • Width: 48 inches (standard, other sizes available)
  • Height: Typically adjustable between 69″ and 92″
  • Graphic material: Vinyl, fabric, or other printable materials
  • Base material: Aluminum or other lightweight, durable materials
  • Benefits: Portable, easy to use, durable, versatile, and customizable

Consider these factors when selecting your banner:

  • Purpose: What message do you want to convey? Where will you use it?
  • Budget: Costs vary depending on material, size, and features.
  • Design: Choose a design that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience.
  • Printing quality: Opt for high-quality printing for a professional look.

With its convenient size and portability, a 48-inch retractable banner can be a valuable tool for various marketing and communication needs.

We have an amazing selection of roll up banners in stock to meet any event project.

48″ Banner Stand Comes with Own Carry Case

Image Square Printing will put your custom design in full color on your banner stand. Printing, shipping, and padded carrying bag are included in your order. This retractable banner stand is eye-catching on its own or in combination with our other stands. Perfect for theater productions, tradeshows, convention centers, and more!

48″ Banner Stand With Banner Makes Your Presentation Perfect

Width: 48″ Height: 79″ Image Square Printing’s banner stand is portable and looks great alone or used with your other displays. No tools are required for setup. You can order up to 5 banners stands at a time.

We also offer many other sizes that makes a perfect fir for your event. We offer in-store pick up or simply ask us to UPS it to where ever you need it to be.