Bus Advertising Prints

King Size Bus Ad Printing

Dominate the streets with king-size bus ads. Reach millions, make a statement. Call now!

King Size Bus Ad Prints

King Size Bus Ad Prints at Affordable Prices, Durable material, vibrant colors, and quick turnaround.

  • Dominate the streets with king-size bus ads. Reach millions, make a statement. Call now!

Playful & Engaging: Don’t blend in, STAND OUT! King-size your message, capture attention like never before. Eye-catching designs, unbeatable impact.

  • Reach more, sell more. King-size your brand for massive impact.
  • Expand your reach exponentially with king-size buses. Target high-traffic areas, drive brand awareness & sales.

Our Professional Tips:

  • Keep it concise: People have limited time to read bus ads, so use short, punchy text.
  • Use high-quality visuals: Images and graphics should be clear and eye-catching, even from a distance.
  • Highlight your brand: Include your logo, slogan, or other key branding elements.
  • Call to action: Tell people what you want them to do next, whether it’s visiting your website, calling a number, or downloading an app.
  • Consider the location: Tailor your message to the specific audience and demographics you’ll reach on the chosen bus route.

Bonus Ideas:

  • Use QR codes to link to your website or social media.
  • Run a contest or promotion tied to the ad campaign.
  • Change the ad copy seasonally or for special events.

Bus King Printing for Maximum Exposure

Are you looking for a targeted communication tool to better reach a wide range of potential consumers? Whether you need to promote an event, a program or service, “Image Square Printing” Bus advertising is a great way to successfully spread your advertising message to the public, with larger-than-life messages that people simply can’t miss.

The combination of bus fleet advertising and outdoor bus shelter signage opportunities will deliver the reach and frequency you need to effectively capture your audience. These prints will make the biggest impact possible across many locations. Use our experience to print your idea and then use our connections in Los Angeles transit authority and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus to install your colorful print media.

At Image Square Printing, we know the sizes for the Queen, King, and tail bus ads. We know how to print your bus ads-Los Angeles AND Santa Monica Big Blue Bus. Let us know which transit authority serves your area, we will gladly contact their advertisement group on your behalf. This is just a complementary service that we provide.

King Size Bus Ads Flexcon Busmark Vinyl

Printed on top quality Flexcon Busmark Adhesive Vinyl. Laminated with Cold Lam with Anti-Graffiti elements for long-lasting effects. Vibrant colors used during printing will allow for the best results when it comes to getting your advertisement noticed.