Home Improvement Projects

You Dream it, We print it, You install it !

Create Works of Art with our Digital Printing Technology

Today’s savvy building contractors, interior designers, architects, the hospitality industry and discerning homeowners looking for one of a kind look. Look no further. We have digital technology to deliver whatever you can dream of for one of a kind home improvement projects.

You Dream it, We Print it, You install it !

All we need is your supply material and your vector file. Vector images are made up of points, lines, and curves, it can be enlarged without worrying about loss of image quality. With vector files, we have more control creating effects, change opacity. Our Most popular projects are print directly to a shower glass door, concrete accent wall, drywall nature look and of course pool graphics.

How it Works?

You supply your substrate material, your vector file, we then go to work. Most cases after we are done printing, we can route your final job for that unique shape so that you don’t have to fit it at your site.  When done, we package it for you, ready for pick-up and installation. We will always be in contact with you to ensure your idea is done correctly.

For the width, please use the smaller number of your required print size.