Step and Repeat Banners

Step and Repeat Banner

Adjustable Sizes, Step and Repeat Banner

Step and Repeat Banner Single-Sided

Adjustable Sizes, Step and Repeat Banner

Step and Repeat Banner for the Red Carpet Look

This Classic Oscars backdrop is often called the ‘Step and Repeat Banner’ or ‘Red Carpet Backdrop’ because it is a perfect background for guests to stand in front of, as they get their photos taken at your event.

Step & Repeat Printing is the phraseology for a repeating pattern of your logo, branding, or emblem on a backdrop so that your message is visible behind individuals in hundreds of photographs taken at your event.

Up to 96 inches by 96 inches Step and Repeat Banners

Your small or large adjustable step and repeat banner display stand is perfect for viral messaging and less expensive than you think. Image Square Printing’s step and repeat banners can be from 52 inches to 96 inches wide and from 36 inches to 96 inches high. This gives you the exact size you need for your special event or company meeting. We can print on fabric or vinyl and the adjustable frame is lightweight black aluminum that creates a firm base and backdrop.

Plus, with our pricing tool your printing and delivery is already factored in. We customize your adjustable frame banner printing for one-sided or two-sided functionality, and allow you to tell us how tall and wide you’d like your step & repeat banners to be (see specs for min. and max).